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Category: Criminal Attorney

What a criminal attorney can do for you

When anyone is charged with a crime, it is strongly recommended that the next move should be to hire a criminal attorney. There are tremendous benefits that come with having an experienced attorney to represent you.

First, your attorney will dispel any myths you might have about your current situation. Every criminal offense is different, and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Your lawyer will tell you exactly where you stand as well as offer best and worst case scenarios.

The moment you hire a criminal defense attorney, you already have an advantage. When it is time to go to court, the prosecuting attorney is less inclined to negotiate a favorable deal with a defendant who is representing himself. This holds true even in cases involving less serious criminal charges. Your attorney will give you an edge in the negotiating process, which could mean a much lighter sentence.

There are even instances when your criminal charges could be dropped altogether with the help of an attorney. Proving a lack of evidence or improper procedure could get your case thrown out. One way to get your charges dropped would be to show that the arresting officer did not have probable cause.

Familiarity with the local court system is also important. Certain prosecutors are known to have certain tendencies. Having knowledge of how they negotiate is important to your case. There are always unwritten rules in courtrooms, rules that defendants do not know about.

A qualified Providence criminal lawyer can also be of great help in the information gathering process. That includes collecting potential witnesses, hiring investigators, conducting research and inspecting documents.

If a charge winds up leading to a sentence, criminal defense attorneys can tailor sentences that are more beneficial to clients. Sentences can mean a lot to your future in terms of employment, possible expunges and more. And if there is very little chance of being found not guilty, a defense attorney could use plea bargain to get you a reduced sentence.

Criminal charges can be very serious, and you will only compound your problems by attempting to represent yourself. When charges are filed, your next move should be to find an experienced criminal attorney.

Calvino Law Associates can provide you with an attorney who will perform all the important duties required of a criminal lawyer. Our lawyers know the local court systems, including the Providence and North Kingston areas as we give you an advantage from the moment you retain our services.