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Speeding Ticket Violations in North Kingstown: The Key to Avoiding a Conviction

Whether rushing to an appointment, to the doctor, or to the emergency room; when you are pulled over by a cop, you will still get a speeding ticket.  In most situations, admitting guilt by paying the ticket is the most convenient option to move on with your life.  But what if you already have a record and with this moving violation you are facing several hundred if not thousands of dollars in lost income, or even incarceration?

In those cases, you need a speeding violations attorney that will support you and fight your case.

Speeding ticket violations are considered offenses not because of the driving itself but the implicit harm it may cause to others. Speeding twenty miles over the speed limit, running a red light, hitting a pedestrian, and killing that pedestrian is the scenario that courts imagine when looking at the speeding ticket violation. With this in mind, courts justify penalties such as license suspension, license cancellation, reinstatement fees, DMV fines, and increased insurance rates. North Kingstown, as well as the rest of Rhode Island, doesn’t use a point system when keeping track of speeding ticket violations.

Instead, they keep track of every violation and, with each passing violation, give increasingly harsher penalties. First-time offenders can have a $50 fine with their driver’s license suspended. Even the minimal punishment can have a significant effect on the way you live.

The key to avoiding a conviction is to understand, with the help of an attorney, the laws that surround speeding ticket violations. If you have been charged with a first-time offense, your attorney may be able to negotiate a “good driving statute,” meaning that the judge will drop the speeding charges because of your record of good behavior.

With this, there are steps you can take when facing a speeding ticket violations charge. By understanding the possible repercussions as well as the law will enable you and your attorney to navigate the complexities of your trial.

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