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Tips to Prevent a Motor Vehicle Violation Conviction in Providence

Tickets are a major inconvenience. We might grumble, but in most cases, if the ticket is for a low dollar amount we find it easier just to pay and move on.

But what if the ticket was for several hundred or even thousands of dollars? Also, being charged for a motor vehicle violation can result in more than just the initial monetary loss. Penalties can include license suspension, community service, driving courses, incarceration, and an increase in auto insurance rates. Accepting these charges and paying the fine may not always be the best course of action.

So how do you go about contesting these charges in Providence, RI? Two things: immediately schedule a hearing and gather the necessary evidence.

After you receive a notification of the motor vehicle charge, you must plead “not guilty” and schedule a hearing where you can be physically present. There have been cases where individuals have scheduled hearings without looking at the address and found out at the last minute that they cannot make it to that location in time.  After they are a no-show to the hearing they themselves scheduled, they may possibly end up with a warrant out for their arrest– make sure that you do not end up like this!

Also, because courts may be booked for weeks or months in advance and rescheduling is not only difficult but may be used against you, make sure you can make it to the hearing.  Before the hearing even begins, you and a Providence motor vehicle violation attorney need to go through your case to show that your actions did not warrant the charge. Evidence can include but is not limited to photographic evidence, witness statements, and documentation that indicates mitigating circumstances. Photographic evidence could possibly show that there weren’t proper signs to indicate that you would be breaking the law by parking in a certain area or stopping at an intersection. This kind of scrutiny needs to be applied in most motor vehicle violation cases – the key is to remain vigilant.

Basically, the more evidence you have to support your case the better chance you have of getting the charges dropped. Keeping these facts in mind, you won’t have to accept the consequences of a motor vehicle violation.

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