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Slip and Fall Suits in Rhode Island—Your Legal Options

You’re walking along “minding your own business,” as they say, and just like that, you’re on the ground. Good Samaritans rush over. “Are you okay?” You say yes. But when you get home, you’re feeling all sorts of terrible. The Urgent Care doctor says you’ve broken your wrist, and he advises you to see an orthopedist about a possible shoulder issue. If your accident is a result of negligence on the part of a property owner or business, you may consider suing.

Can You Prove It?

A slip and fall case is a premises liability case that often requires proving negligence, building a case, negotiating a settlement, and sometimes arguing a case at trial. Most lawyers are wary about accepting cases without evidence of negligence. A personal injury attorney will honestly assess your chances of winning based on the information you provide and some research into possible negligence. If injuries are not serious, fail to impact your quality of life, or haven’t resulted in ongoing medical treatment, an attorney may discourage you from suing.

10 Most Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

  • Broken Bones 
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Neck Injuries 
  • Concussions
  • Other Forms of TBI 
  • Severe Cuts and Lacerations
  • Knee and Ankle Injuries 
  • Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Injuries
  • Facial Injuries
  • Chronic Pain

Reality Check: Suing on Slip and Fall Cases

Things to know concerning slip and fall cases.

  • Most of these cases are settled out of court. However, plaintiffs of successful slip-and-fall lawsuits against property owners and businesses have been known to recover millions of dollars for damages, including hospital bills, physical therapy expenses, and lost wages.
  • Even if you have a particularly inspiring slip-and-fall story, you’ll have a hard time winning your case without the help of a qualified attorney.
  • Most slip-and-fall cases end in settlements. Depending on the nature of the injury and other factors, average settlements tend to range from $15,000 to $75,000.

Pain and Suffering

People tend to associate personal injury lawsuits (including slip and fall cases) with monetary awards for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering awards are difficult to calculate and are more often than not reliant on the sympathy of a jury. Physical pain and emotional trauma are included in cases where serious injury is sustained. As many personal injury attorneys will tell you, the extent of pain and suffering can be difficult to prove. Even if your case is valid and can prove negligence, the pain and suffering aspect, unless severe, will not enhance your final settlement.

Fatal Slip and Fall Cases

Fatal slip-and-fall accidents, of course, lead to higher settlements. Some of these cases settle for over $200,000, and some for over $1,000,000.00. These cases are not filed as slip-and-fall lawsuits but as wrongful death claims, which by their severity, require large payouts.

The Calvino Law Associates Promise

The legal team at Calvino Law Associates is noted in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts for the successful prosecution of slip and fall lawsuits. Our experienced attorneys know the right questions to ask and provide an honest assessment of your chances of winning.

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Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer in Rhode Island

No matter how agreeable, divorce is never a pleasant experience. Whether you live in Rhode Island, or anywhere else for that matter, finding the right divorce lawyer can be difficult. You want to be fair, but on the other hand, you don’t want to give away the store to maintain your nice guy image. When hiring an attorney, you need someone who understands what you’re going through plus what you need to survive. If children are involved, it’s even more complicated. No-fault divorces sound like a civilized option, but any attorney will tell you this: if it’s not in writing, there’s a better than even chance that issues will arise in the future.

The Role of Divorce Lawyers

A good divorce attorney will:

  • Negotiate with the opposing attorney to reach a realistic and satisfactory settlement
  • Advocate on your behalf for child custody, child support, and spousal support
  • Uncover any assets your spouse may be attempting to hide
  • Evaluate offers for settlement
  • Resolve any additional disputes that may arise during the divorce process

Unfortunately, there are instances where attorneys do not operate in the best interests of their clients. If you suspect your attorney is not completely working on your behalf, you have every right to question their decisions. Remember, you are not obliged to accept your attorney’s advice. You should never feel pressured to sign off on anything.

What Does a Divorce Cost

The cost of your divorce is a function of how contested your divorce is. Filing and service fees are about $200. If there are no disputes about child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, or the division of assets, your divorce could cost as little as $1,500. Assuming you use an attorney, the most uncomplicated cases cost around $1,500. Contested divorces, depending upon their complexity, can cost as much as $15,000 from each party. This money comes from the marital estate.

How to Pick a Good Divorce Lawyer

The notion of the “best” divorce attorneys is subjective. Each case is different, with its particular requirements. No one wants their divorce to be contentious. A good lawyer is equal parts appropriately firm on your behalf without creating unnecessary unpleasantness and conflict. They listen to your concerns and are honest with you if what you want is unrealistic. You’re looking for someone with the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Respected by Their Peers
  • Honesty
  • Appropriately Aggressive on Your Behalf
  • Forthright About Fees
  • A Good Negotiator
  • Committed to Your Case
  • Compassionate

A good divorce has A+ communication skills; experience with cases similar to yours; people skills; willingness to research the facts of the case. Do not be reluctant to ask how cases similar to yours have turned out. If you sense that the attorney seems unduly negative regarding your situation, you may want to move on to someone with whom you feel better connected.

The Calvino Law Associates Promise

The legal team at Calvino Law Associates handles a wide range of divorce cases in Rhode Island and Southern Mass each year. Some of them are straightforward, some are unavoidably complex. Our attorneys always strive for amicable conclusions that keep cases out of court.

If you are contemplating divorce, call us at (401) 205-3733 or use our online contact form. We serve Providence, North Kingstown, and the surrounding areas in Rhode Island.

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