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Rhode Island workers’ compensation helps those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When most people think of workers’ compensation injuries, more severe injuries come to mind. The reality is that these injuries can come from simply doing a daily task like typing on a computer or working on a production line. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects many workers every year and can be covered under worker’s compensation.

Rhode Island state law gives employees two years after the time of an injury to file a claim. It is not always an easy task to diagnose the exact time when a Carpal Tunnel injury occurred. Nevertheless, that  gives Carpal Tunnel victims in Rhode Island a little more flexibility when filing a claim.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is classified as a repetitive strain injury. That is a term used to define the type of injury usually found in the upper body, primarily the forearm, wrists, elbow and hands. Symptoms include constant pain, stinging or tingling sensations, numbness, and cramps. There may not be any broken bones, but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome severely affects ligaments, tendons and muscles.

In some instances, those afflicted with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome require surgery to correct the problem. Recovery from such a procedure can take up to three months, which means more time out of work and the urgent need for a source of income.

With more people working on computers, there are more and more cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome popping up among workers. There are ways to diagnose this type of injury. Doctors administer tests to see if workers do indeed have Carpal Tunnel and those tests include an examination of the median nerve, which rugs up the length of the upper arm.

If diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Rhode Island, there are several forms of workers’ compensation you can receive. There are temporary disability benefits that will provide you with a source of income while you recuperate from your injury. There are also permanent disability benefits should you be deemed unable to return to work. A Providence worker’s compensation lawyer can help you figure out which benefits are right for you.

The Law Firm of Calvino Law Associates has years of experience handling all types of workers’ compensation cases, including ones dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When the pain is too much to bear, take action by getting the compensation you deserve. Calvino Law Associates will appoint you an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will help you on the road to relief.

Certain slip and falls constitute a premises liability lawsuit in Rhode Island

Many people believe a simple slip and fall could result in a big payday. That is not always the case, although there are certain occasions when a slip and fall on someone else’s property could land you a large amount of compensation.

After any slip and fall, there needs to be a determination of whether or not reasonable action should be taken. This is the first fact-finding endeavor in any premises liability lawsuit.

To first determine the necessity for reasonable action to be taken, the injured person cannot be a trespasser. Illegally entering someone’s property will disqualify you from filing a lawsuit. Next, there needs to be a determination as to whether or not your injury was foreseeable prior to the incident.

Once reasonable action is determined, it’s then time for your Providence premises liability attorney to prove your claim. The defense will likely counter by claiming comparative negligence, which means the injured person showed some negligence and contributed directly to their injuries.

Nevertheless, the jury must decide that a person is 100% at fault for that comparative negligence. If even 1% of the blame falls on the property owner, the jury must rule in favor of the plaintiff.

Property owners are responsible to provide safe surfaces for those who lawfully enter onto their property. It is irrelevant whether the property is open to the public of a more restrictive nature. All property owners need to either repair defects or warn people about them.

Negligence on their part would be due to things like uneven surfaces, excess ice, debris on the floor or other kinds of defective conditions. These are the primary causes for slip and falls, which are the most common reason for premises liability lawsuits in Rhode Island.

Slip and fall accidents can occur in many different places such as retail stores, apartment buildings and construction sites. Victims span all ages as there is no particular demographic that is exempt from this accident.

If you or someone you know has experienced a recent slip and fall, there may be a need to file a Rhode Island premises liability lawsuit. The Law Firm of Calvino Law Associates is staffed with an experienced team of personal injury attorneys. Serving Providence and the neighboring communities, one of our qualified lawyers can help bring you the compensation you deserve.

Many hazards provide motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents can turn into painful experiences where motorcycle operators are often faced with a painful recovery period. However, motorcycle accidents are often the fault of other drivers, which can lead to lawsuits.

Many hazards on the roadway can cause other drivers to practice negligence when sharing the road with motorcycles. That negligence leaves drivers liable for damages, medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

Poor visibility, especially at night, can cause drivers to neglect motorcycle operators. Some intersections and intricately-designed roads can wind up hiding motorcycles from the other drivers’ line of sight.

There is obviously more protection when driving a car, which leaves motorcycle operators more at risk when drivers fail to yield. This simple act could turn deadly in an auto accident involving a motorcycle.

There is no driver helmet law in Rhode Island law, but there are several laws which make motorcycle operators drive more responsibly. The use of eye protection is mandatory by state law and helmet speakers are also prohibited. While some people may claim the lack of a helmet law leads to more injuries, which still has no effect on the negligence of motorcycle operators.

Just because there are, risks involve to riding a motorcycle does not excuse the negligence of other drivers. Negligence occurs when a driver acts in a careless or reasonably unsafe manner. This kind of negligence is much easier to do when sharing the road with motorcycles. Other forms of negligence include speeding, DUI, reckless driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

Texting while driving is illegal in Rhode Island There is no law which prohibits the use of hand-held devices, which means drivers are free to talk on the phone as they drive. Still, that poses a substantial threat to motorcycle operators as a distracted driver could easily swerve their way and induce a whole lot of pain and suffering.

Motorcycle operators need to be aware of negligent drivers because the reality is they take to the roadways every day in mass numbers. Driver negligence can also make for the need to hire a Providence motorcycle accident attorney.

When that time comes, Calvino Law Associates is the right choice as we are staffed with a team of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers. Your pain and suffering needs to be addressed, and the guilty parties brought to justice. Contact us today to get started on your North Kingston or Providence motorcycle accident lawsuit.

BUI: a major problem in Rhode Island

DUI is a common offense and also a widely known term throughout the state of Rhode Island. A BUI is not as widely known but carries consequences that are just as severe as a DUI.

Boat operators are required to follow the same regulations as vehicle operators. Boat operators found to be over the legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit of .08 are subject to the same penalties a driver would incur for a DUI in Rhode Island.

That could lead to the suspension of license, fines and possible jail time. Each year, BUI’s are responsible for a third of all boating accident deaths in the United States. The serious nature of this problem is what has brought forth such severe penalties.

One difference remains between boats and vehicles is the open container law. Open alcohol containers are permitted on boats, but not in cars in the state of Rhode Island.

Spotting someone who is operating a boat while over the legal BAC limit is not always an easy task. In response, the U.S. Coast Guard revealed a series of new seated sobriety tests in 2013. These tests are intended to accurately gauge hand-eye coordination. One example is the palm pat test. In this test, boaters are asked to position one hand on top of the other and begin to clap while alternating each time.

Another test is known as the nystagmus or horizontal gaze test. Boaters are asked to stand with their arms out and follow a pen or a light in the officer’s hand. As the officer moves it farther to the side, he gauges the angle at which the boater’s eye twitches. If that twitch occurs at less than a 45-degree angle, that is an indication of legal intoxication.

When operating a boat in Rhode Island waters, operators are obligated to consent to any sobriety tests requested by law enforcement officials. It is the same rule that applies to motor vehicle operators, and a refusal can lead to more severe penalties.

Alcohol can also increase its effects on boaters since factors such as the wind; vibrations and sun cause people to become intoxicated at a quicker pace. It takes fewer to impair a boater than it does someone drinking the same amount on land.

If you have recently been involved in a boating accident or received a BUI, it’s time to seek legal counsel. An experienced boating accident attorney at the Law Firm of Calvino Law Associates can help right away. BUI in Rhode Island is treated as a serious offense, which is why you need a serious attorney working for you.

What is the statute of limitations in a wrongful death in Rhode Island?

Statutes of limitations are set by each state and determine how long after the incident a person can pursue the matter in court. Most statutes of limitations are very clear cut and well defined. However, there are others that have a little more flexibility.

A wrongful death is caused by someone else’s negligence. In the state of Rhode Island, residents have up to three years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Those three years are meant to span from the time of one’s death or from the time when the body is discovered.

There is yet another circumstance that contributes to this statute. There is a three-year window from the time the death was actually determined to be a wrongful one. Therefore, the starting point of the statute of limitations has a much broader definition.

For exmple, a death could be ruled a murder many years after the death occurred. This would be due to new evidence coming to light, something that is not completely out of the ordinary. This kind of circumstance is commonly referred to as the ‘discovery rule.’ From the time new evidence was discovered, the clock then begins ticking on a fresh three years.

In these cases, the cause of the death can include murder to some faulty equipment that was recently discovered. The bottom line is that is not just a three-year window from the time of death as there can be extenuating circumstances.

When it comes to paying out a wrongful death lawsuit, Rhode Island also has its way of arriving at that sum. The court calculates the loss of future and current earnings of the deceased on its way to arriving at a figure. The court will take into consideration funeral costs, inheritance and loss of insurance and social security.

Losses do not stop there as the loss of companionship and care is also considered along with the pain and suffering of the deceased’s surviving descendants. Punitive damages can also be awarded as a further means of punishment to the person responsible for the wrongful death.

If someone you love has fallen victim to a wrongful death, the legal team at Calvino Law Associates can be of assistance. A wrongful death Providence attorney can guide you through what can be a very trying process and help you to find some peace of mind in the wake of tragedy.