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Rhode Island track system determines how long a divorce will take

Rhode Island residents seeking out a divorce usually want to know exactly how long it takes before they are single and no longer married. The simple answer is that there is no simple answer. It all depends on certain factors that have led to the development of Rhode Island’s ‘track system.’

There are two separate tracks that divorces can fall under in Rhode Island. The person filing for divorce can decide from either a ‘nominal’ track or ‘contested’ track.  In a nominal track divorce, a couple is pretty much splitting up on amicable terms.

In a nominal track divorce, a hearing date is usually set about 11 weeks from the time the petition for divorce is filed. Nominal track divorces lead to nominal track hearings and in these cases, defendants are not disputing the terms of the divorce.

Nominal track divorces filed under irreconcilable differences have a 90-day wait period before the Final Decree of divorce, which declares the parties no longer married. But there is even a quicker way, if the couple has lived separately for a time of at least three years. In those cases, couples only need to wait 20 days after the nominal hearing to get their Final Decree.

A contested track divorce takes a bit longer as those hearing dates usually fall 13 to 16 weeks after the petition for divorce has been filed. A divorce is classified on this track when there is a minimum of one issue that cannot be resolved by the couple. This then puts the final decisions in the hands of the court.

This is the part of the process that could elongate a divorce. There is a need to produce witnesses, testimony and proof. Timetables could be as short as a day but could also extend  to several months.

While the divorce process is unfolding, there may also be a need to appear in court regarding temporary orders in the areas of child support, child custody, visitation rights and even contempt. These temporary orders are upheld until the divorce can be final.

No matter which track you take, divorce is never an easy time for families. A Providence divorce lawyer at Calvino Law Associates can help you through what can be a complex process. Lean on our years of experience as we strive to get North Kingston and Providence couples through their divorce as quickly and productively as possible.

Hiring a Reliable Divorce Attorney from North Kingstown

It is a sad fact that half of all marriages end in divorce. This can be a very emotional time and it can be difficult or even impossible to make the right decisions without independent advice. It is important that you engage a reliable divorce attorney in North Kingstown to make sure that you are making the right financial and custodial decisions. It can be tempting to get things sorted out quickly and even when it is done in a cordial atmosphere you may be agreeing to things that have long term implications that you have not thought about.

A Divorce Attorney Can Advise On Custody
One of the areas which can cause the most problems is with child custody. It often elicits unreasonable demands that can escalate on both sides make progress difficult. An attorney will help you look at all the options and will also give you realistic advice so that you can hear what your chances are of being grant each option if you force the matter to a court judgment.

Be Open and Honest With Your Attorney
It is in your best interests to be completely honest with your lawyer. You are protected under the seal of privilege and by having all the facts your case can be seen in its true light. There is nothing more devastating to a case than when information is held back and then it derails a case. When the information is known then it can be explained and countered no matter how embarrassing or negative it may be.

Divorce Attorney Costs
The majority of divorces are not contested and if it is at all possible then having a fair agreement taking into account custodial and financial arrangements is the preferred outcome. The fees involved for this will be very minor. If there is no agreement possible then costs can rapidly escalate for both sides. It is important that you listen to the advice of your divorce attorney from North Kingstown.

In this difficult time a costly legal battle that ruins the finances of both parties can be the worst possible outcome. When you are confident in your representative and trust their advice then you can obtain the best possible outcome.