Unemployment Appeals Claim: How to Get the Support You Deserve

Finding yourself unemployed is exceptionally stressful when you have to consider your and your family’s future. If your unemployment claim is denied – these kinds of stresses intensify. Suddenly, you realize that you will need to fight for the livelihood of yourself and your loved ones.

There are many reasons why an unemployment claim can be denied in North Kingston including insufficient earnings, voluntarily separation, discharge for misconduct, and refusing suitable work. Sometimes employers will say that you quit voluntarily when you didn’t. In these cases, having an unemployment appeals claim attorney is exceedingly important.

First, you need to file an unemployment compensation appeal within fifteen days of the initial decision to the Department of Labor and Training either my mail, fax, or online. With this, you will then be able to schedule a hearing and have an ability to prove that you are entitled to those unemployment benefits.

One of the most crucial factors in getting unemployment compensation is to gather every possible piece of evidence that shows you meet the requirements to receive the benefits. The type of evidence will depend on the reason that you were denied initially. Some examples are e-mail correspondence, witnesses, documentation that shows you are looking for a job, and any other material that relates to the case. Not only do you want to indicate that you meet the requirements for unemployment compensation, but that you have been looking for a job since the day you became unemployed. What this does is prove to the court that you should receive compensation from the first day of unemployment, instead of only after the appeal hearing.

Also, remember that unemployment compensation appeal will be a “de novo” hearing. What this means is that the Referee will conduct the hearing without bias towards the initial decision. You start with a clean slate. But keep in mind that any evidence you submitted to initially receive compensation will need to be brought again to the hearing.

With a North Kingstown unemployment appeals claim attorney, you’ll have the ability to get the finances you need to support you and your family.

Speeding Ticket Violations in North Kingstown: The Key to Avoiding a Conviction

Whether rushing to an appointment, to the doctor, or to the emergency room; when you are pulled over by a cop, you will still get a speeding ticket.  In most situations, admitting guilt by paying the ticket is the most convenient option to move on with your life.  But what if you already have a record and with this moving violation you are facing several hundred if not thousands of dollars in lost income, or even incarceration?

In those cases, you need a speeding violations attorney that will support you and fight your case.

Speeding ticket violations are considered offenses not because of the driving itself but the implicit harm it may cause to others. Speeding twenty miles over the speed limit, running a red light, hitting a pedestrian, and killing that pedestrian is the scenario that courts imagine when looking at the speeding ticket violation. With this in mind, courts justify penalties such as license suspension, license cancellation, reinstatement fees, DMV fines, and increased insurance rates. North Kingstown, as well as the rest of Rhode Island, doesn’t use a point system when keeping track of speeding ticket violations.

Instead, they keep track of every violation and, with each passing violation, give increasingly harsher penalties. First-time offenders can have a $50 fine with their driver’s license suspended. Even the minimal punishment can have a significant effect on the way you live.

The key to avoiding a conviction is to understand, with the help of an attorney, the laws that surround speeding ticket violations. If you have been charged with a first-time offense, your attorney may be able to negotiate a “good driving statute,” meaning that the judge will drop the speeding charges because of your record of good behavior.

With this, there are steps you can take when facing a speeding ticket violations charge. By understanding the possible repercussions as well as the law will enable you and your attorney to navigate the complexities of your trial.

How to Overcome the Loss of a Loved One: Wrongful Death in North Kingstown

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is one of the most traumatic events that a person can experience in their lifetime. It’s difficult to take care of yourself with both the emotional weight and the lifestyle adjustment. If your loved one’s death was caused by another’s willful act or negligence, you might be able to charge the perpetrator for wrongful death. Depending on the circumstances, whether the individual is convicted of the crime or not, you still can successfully win a wrongful death suit.

Whether court appointed or not, only an executor or administrator may take a wrongful death suit to court. If, after six months, there is no executor or administrator to represent you and your family, all of the potential beneficiaries can unite and file a wrongful death lawsuit. In North Kingstown, the list of possible beneficiaries is immediate and distant family, life partners, financial dependents, putative spouses, or anyone else who was affected financially by the death. With a North Kingstown attorney experienced in wrongful death cases, even minors can file and receive compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit.

There is a time limit within which you can file a wrongful death claim. You have three years to file. However, this does not necessarily mean three years after the date of death. If the cause indicating wrongful death is discovered at a later date, then the statute of limitations starts from that date.

Another aspect to consider when filing a wrongful death claim is that there is a distinction between suing for compensation for your loss and suing to punish the individual or entity that caused the death. In other words, there is a difference between compensatory and putative reasons for filing.  You will find more success in filing for compensation because not every case will allow suing for putative reasons.

The process of overcoming the death of a loved one takes time. In order to relieve some of the pressure of such a loss, and attain justice for your loved one, taking the rights steps in filing a wrongful death suit might be exactly what your family needs.

Slip and Fall Accidents: What You Need to Know

Broken bones, concussions, thoracic sprains – the injuries that stem from slip and fall accidents can have a serious physical and financial impact. If you are partially or fully disabled from this type of accident, how will you take care of yourself and your family? Aside from seeking immediate medical treatment, you also need to use legal means to protect yourself financially. You need financial compensation.

In the midst of the accident, it is difficult to determine all the factors that could have led to the slip and fall. To receive compensation from a slip and fall accident, you and your attorney need to comb through the case files thoroughly and collect all the evidence you can. You will need to prove two things with the evidence that you provide to the court: negligence and the severity of physical harm. By providing pictures of the scene of the accident, the court will be able to compare the premises with maintenance protocols in order to determine if there was negligence.  Pictures of the injury itself can be used as additional evidence to highlight the severity of the physical harm caused by the accident. Additionally, the court will take into account how your lifestyle has been changed by the incident. With this in mind, providing as much financial and medical information you can, will put you in the best light to receive financial compensation.

One obstacle you may have, and it should be attended to before the trial, is the possibility of the defense being able to use “comparative negligence.” Comparative negligence is where the court determines how much negligence or carelessness occurred on your part that led to the accident. If the defense is able to prove even a small fraction of fault to be yours, that percentage will be deducted from possible compensation you may receive.

Although experiencing a slip and fall accident can be both painful and terrifying, you are not alone. Following these tips, along with a Providence attorney who specializes in slip and fall accidents, and you will have the help you need to get the most out of your slip and fall accident.

Serious Injury Attorney: How to Get Compensation in Providence

It would seem that the more obvious the injury, the higher the chance of receiving compensation for it.  Lost wages from missed work, medical bills, pain and suffering are the obvious factors to consider when trying to receive compensation from an insurance company or the responsible party. Unfortunately, the courtroom can work more like a business than a room of justice – that’s why you need to be protected. Without the right support, your livelihood is at risk.

There are laws in Providence that allow the insurance companies a defense that consists of proving the negligence of another – referred to as comparative or “share” fault. What the defense will argue at trial is that you were negligent, even by a small percentage, before the accident occurred. Even if they can prove that you were even ten percent negligent, then you have already lost ten percent of the original compensation you would have received. For the seriously injured, ten percent can be the difference between comfortable living and barely getting by.

One thing can prevent the defense from successfully proving such accusations: evidence. Although it may seem obvious, the truth of the matter is that the more evidence you have, in comparison to opposing counsel, the more likely you will be able to get the compensation that your serious injury requires. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, it can mean having an expert look at the item that caused your injury.  Being able to provide documentary evidence would allow the court to see just how dangerous the environment was where the injury occurred. If the accident was sudden, even getting eye-witness testimony will assist the court in understanding the negligence of the defendant and the necessity for you to receive proper compensation.

As you go through your trial, remember that the court is, at the end of the day, a business. The Providence serious injury attorney will negotiate and persuade the court to produce results that best suit you.

The Facts About Premises Liability in Providence

When you experience an accident, make sure you know exactly where you are and who is responsible for maintaining that location. Whether it’s a shopping mall, neighbor’s house, or a park? If the accident stemmed from the condition of the environment, then you may be able to seek compensation from the property owner.

Nearly all properties you may find yourself in, have an owner who is directly responsible for its maintenance and any incidents that take place on that property.  Failure to maintain the property can include: lead paint exposure, sidewalk or road defects, poor security measures, poorly lit staircases or hallways and exposed electric wiring.  Defective merchandise which the owner was aware of, unsecured animals resulting in such things as dog bites, prolonged exposure to asbestos leading to mesothelioma, etc. There are a lot of ways in which a property owner can fail to maintain their premise and place their visitors at risk of getting injured.

One obstacle that you need to consider before pressing charges is if there was any amount of negligence on your part that could have resulted in the accident. This can mean a number of things depending on the conditions that surrounded the accident. Mostly, defense attorneys will try to prove that you were partaking in unsafe activities that would have resulted in an accident regardless of if you were on the property or not. In Providence, this is called “comparative fault,” meaning that you will either receive reduced compensation or no compensation at all if the defense is able to prove that you were negligent at the time of the accident. This would include if you trespassed onto the property, meaning that the property owner did not give you the approval to be on the property in the first place and thus holds no responsibility for your injuries. Of course, if you were invited onto the property and were not sufficiently warned of the possible dangers on the property, then you will be eligible for compensation.

Having a Providence premise liability lawyer at your side will give you the best chance of receiving the most compensation possible.

Personal Injury: Tips to Get the Compensation You Deserve

Personal injuries cause more than just physical pain. With expensive medical bills and having to take time off work, you can easily find yourself financially overwhelmed. What do you need in order to get compensated for an injury caused by an individual’s or company’s negligence?

Time, evidence, and a skilled Providence personal injury attorney.

Time is a significant factor in determining the amount of compensation you will receive for your injuries. In Providence, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim is three years.  Aside from the fact that your case will be thrown out if you do not meet this deadline, waiting to file a personal injury claim can result in you and your attorney not having as much evidence to work with. This includes the possibility of losing documentation or witnesses no longer being able to testify.

Remember, the more evidence you have, the better chance of a higher compensation payout for your personal injury. After the accident, it is essential to get the contact information of all the witnesses at the scene, a copy of the police report, medical information, and financial documentation. In regards to financial documentation, the courts will need to see evidence of the financial strain that has been placed on you and your family. Not just medical bills, but any other financial obligations that resulted from the accident and have negatively affected you and your family. Medical information and financial documentation will be the largest factors in determining the amount of compensation that you receive from insurance companies.

Insurance companies are a business; they are not your friends so appealing to their ‘humanity’ is a waste of time. They will take the necessary steps to ensure that you get as little compensation as possible. In order to overcome the turmoil of a personal injury, getting a seasoned personal injury attorney will best prepare you to get the compensation that you deserve.

The Truth About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be detrimental; the minimal protection motorcycle riders have puts them at a disadvantage when going against automobiles. When collisions between cars and motorcycles do occur, the riders may find that the deck is stacked against them when it comes to motor vehicle laws in Providence.

On the road, it is very common for drivers not to take the time to look for motorcycles that could be passing by. To add to this lack of responsibility, there is a wide perception in both the social and legal context that motorcyclists play an active role in any accidents they are involved in. Although this perception may seem like a factor that you would have no control over – having an experienced motorcycle accidents attorney is vital if you want to receive full compensation for your injuries.

The legal term that translates to blaming the motorcyclist for the accident is called “pure comparative fault.” What this means is that if the defense proves that you were partially to blame for the accident, then the court will only give you partial compensation. For instance, if it is determined that you are thirty percent at fault, then you will receive only seventy percent of the total compensation. Although no one wants reduced compensation, this is especially damaging to motorcyclists where compensation is needed to cover extensive medical bills and motorcycle damages.

In order to contest “pure comparative fault,” you and your attorney would need to indicate that opposing counsel cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were partially at fault.  It can be done by emphasizing that the car driver was completely negligent and therefore caused the accident. One of the many factors that can be used to prove negligence includes speeding or driving while under the influence.

Despite the bias against motorcyclists, there is a way to succeed. With a Providence motorcycle accidents attorney, you can get the compensation that you deserve.

Tips to Prevent a Motor Vehicle Violation Conviction in Providence

Tickets are a major inconvenience. We might grumble, but in most cases, if the ticket is for a low dollar amount we find it easier just to pay and move on.

But what if the ticket was for several hundred or even thousands of dollars? Also, being charged for a motor vehicle violation can result in more than just the initial monetary loss. Penalties can include license suspension, community service, driving courses, incarceration, and an increase in auto insurance rates. Accepting these charges and paying the fine may not always be the best course of action.

So how do you go about contesting these charges in Providence, RI? Two things: immediately schedule a hearing and gather the necessary evidence.

After you receive a notification of the motor vehicle charge, you must plead “not guilty” and schedule a hearing where you can be physically present. There have been cases where individuals have scheduled hearings without looking at the address and found out at the last minute that they cannot make it to that location in time.  After they are a no-show to the hearing they themselves scheduled, they may possibly end up with a warrant out for their arrest– make sure that you do not end up like this!

Also, because courts may be booked for weeks or months in advance and rescheduling is not only difficult but may be used against you, make sure you can make it to the hearing.  Before the hearing even begins, you and a Providence motor vehicle violation attorney need to go through your case to show that your actions did not warrant the charge. Evidence can include but is not limited to photographic evidence, witness statements, and documentation that indicates mitigating circumstances. Photographic evidence could possibly show that there weren’t proper signs to indicate that you would be breaking the law by parking in a certain area or stopping at an intersection. This kind of scrutiny needs to be applied in most motor vehicle violation cases – the key is to remain vigilant.

Basically, the more evidence you have to support your case the better chance you have of getting the charges dropped. Keeping these facts in mind, you won’t have to accept the consequences of a motor vehicle violation.

Have You Been Injured? How to Get Compensation in Providence

Dealing with an injury is a burden that some have to endure, every day, for months or even years after an accident. In these circumstances, it is important that you seek compensation so that you can have what you need to recover.

It may not be as easy as it sounds.

In regards to filing a claim for compensation in Providence, there are limitations that you need to be aware of. There is a statute of limitations, for a general personal injury or medical malpractice, you have a time limit of 3 years after the incident occurred to file for compensation. Wrongful death claims also have a three-year limit. With product liability claims, such as if you were injured by a defective product, you have ten years from the date of the injury to file a claim for compensation. But keep in mind, the sooner, the better. When you are filing a claim for compensation, it is important that you’ve kept track of all the evidence that surrounds your case; such as witness testimony, photo evidence, medical bills, etc. If a significant amount of time has passed, then it will be increasingly difficult for you and your injury attorney to receive the compensation that you need.

Remember: when you file a claim, you are essentially asking the insurance company involved to provide you compensation for the injury. Often times, it is the insurance company of the person who caused the accident, unless the negligent party was uninsured or underinsured. In the case that it is the negligent person’s insurance company, you will be or will have been in contact with the insurance adjuster. Their job is to settle on the lowest possible amount by using your conversations as evidence that the accident was not as severe as perhaps you are claiming in court.

With a Providence injury attorney, you can be protected from insurance companies and get the support to receive the compensation you need.