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What to do after you are hurt at work in Rhode Island

If you are hurt at work, there is no reason to suffer through agony. Rhode Island residents are protected by workers’ compensation laws, which can quickly work to your advantage.

The first thing you need to do after suffering an injury on the job is report the incident. State law stipulates that any company with at least one employee is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Once you report the incident, your employer must then file a claim with the company’s respective insurance carrier; if your employer doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance, that needs to be reported immediately.

If the injury occurred in front of other people, gather as many witnesses as you can. Make a list of their names and, if possible, retrieve written statements. Then, make sure to fill out an incident report immediately.

The next step in the process is to seek immediate medical attention. In the event that you are deemed unable to work, bring a written doctor’s note to your supervisor and Human Resources representative.

It is also important to know that you can choose to visit any health care provider you like. Your employer does not have the right to determine which health care facility you need to visit. This is an area where workers should be careful as some companies will urge their injured employees to go to a ‘friendly’ health care provider, which might conveniently recommend a premature return to work.

Next up is seeking out a Providence workers’ compensation attorney. While you are injured, an attorney can help you keep tabs on lost wages and your weekly compensation rate. There is also a need to keep precise medical records and conduct a review of all your information to determine what kind of disability you are entitled to receive.

It is also important to refrain from speaking with an insurance company without first contacting a personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies are always looking for quick and easy settlements so you need to make sure someone is on your side. Do not sign anything without first consulting your lawyer.

If you have been hurt at work in the Providence or North Kingston areas, Calvino Law Associates can provide you with an attorney who will make sure your rights are protected and your mind is at ease. Our courtroom experience and familiarity with workers’ compensation laws are at your service so that you are treated fairly throughout the entire process.

Rhode Island workers’ compensation helps those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When most people think of workers’ compensation injuries, more severe injuries come to mind. The reality is that these injuries can come from simply doing a daily task like typing on a computer or working on a production line. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects many workers every year and can be covered under worker’s compensation.

Rhode Island state law gives employees two years after the time of an injury to file a claim. It is not always an easy task to diagnose the exact time when a Carpal Tunnel injury occurred. Nevertheless, that  gives Carpal Tunnel victims in Rhode Island a little more flexibility when filing a claim.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is classified as a repetitive strain injury. That is a term used to define the type of injury usually found in the upper body, primarily the forearm, wrists, elbow and hands. Symptoms include constant pain, stinging or tingling sensations, numbness, and cramps. There may not be any broken bones, but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome severely affects ligaments, tendons and muscles.

In some instances, those afflicted with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome require surgery to correct the problem. Recovery from such a procedure can take up to three months, which means more time out of work and the urgent need for a source of income.

With more people working on computers, there are more and more cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome popping up among workers. There are ways to diagnose this type of injury. Doctors administer tests to see if workers do indeed have Carpal Tunnel and those tests include an examination of the median nerve, which rugs up the length of the upper arm.

If diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Rhode Island, there are several forms of workers’ compensation you can receive. There are temporary disability benefits that will provide you with a source of income while you recuperate from your injury. There are also permanent disability benefits should you be deemed unable to return to work. A Providence worker’s compensation lawyer can help you figure out which benefits are right for you.

The Law Firm of Calvino Law Associates has years of experience handling all types of workers’ compensation cases, including ones dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When the pain is too much to bear, take action by getting the compensation you deserve. Calvino Law Associates will appoint you an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will help you on the road to relief.