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Many hazards provide motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents can turn into painful experiences where motorcycle operators are often faced with a painful recovery period. However, motorcycle accidents are often the fault of other drivers, which can lead to lawsuits.

Many hazards on the roadway can cause other drivers to practice negligence when sharing the road with motorcycles. That negligence leaves drivers liable for damages, medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

Poor visibility, especially at night, can cause drivers to neglect motorcycle operators. Some intersections and intricately-designed roads can wind up hiding motorcycles from the other drivers’ line of sight.

There is obviously more protection when driving a car, which leaves motorcycle operators more at risk when drivers fail to yield. This simple act could turn deadly in an auto accident involving a motorcycle.

There is no driver helmet law in Rhode Island law, but there are several laws which make motorcycle operators drive more responsibly. The use of eye protection is mandatory by state law and helmet speakers are also prohibited. While some people may claim the lack of a helmet law leads to more injuries, which still has no effect on the negligence of motorcycle operators.

Just because there are, risks involve to riding a motorcycle does not excuse the negligence of other drivers. Negligence occurs when a driver acts in a careless or reasonably unsafe manner. This kind of negligence is much easier to do when sharing the road with motorcycles. Other forms of negligence include speeding, DUI, reckless driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

Texting while driving is illegal in Rhode Island There is no law which prohibits the use of hand-held devices, which means drivers are free to talk on the phone as they drive. Still, that poses a substantial threat to motorcycle operators as a distracted driver could easily swerve their way and induce a whole lot of pain and suffering.

Motorcycle operators need to be aware of negligent drivers because the reality is they take to the roadways every day in mass numbers. Driver negligence can also make for the need to hire a Providence motorcycle accident attorney.

When that time comes, Calvino Law Associates is the right choice as we are staffed with a team of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers. Your pain and suffering needs to be addressed, and the guilty parties brought to justice. Contact us today to get started on your North Kingston or Providence motorcycle accident lawsuit.

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