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What to do with Uninsured Motorist Claims in Providence

One moment you’re driving, the second, your car is totaled. Car accidents are stressful because, in addition to everything else you have going on with your life, you now have to deal with any injuries you or your passengers may have sustained as well as getting the car repaired. After both the other driver and you pull over to the side of the road, you prepare to exchange information only to realize that the other driver does not have insurance – leaving you to deal with the bills that must be paid.


You do have options aside from paying hefty fees. In Providence, insurance companies have “uninsured motorist coverage” to protect you so you can be compensated if you have uninsured motorist claims. Also, if the other driver was underinsured, this same policy applies to cover the remaining bills that you may have. Of course, this does not mean that insurance companies will hand you all the money that you need without a fight.


How do you deal with the insurance companies? One, don’t talk to the insurance adjuster without consulting an uninsured motorist claims attorney. Insurance companies want to be able to record you saying that the injuries that you incurred aren’t as severe as you claim, as well as get you to agree with a compensation number without letting you know all the facts. Remember only to say what you can provide to the courts with documentation. You and your attorney will need to provide evidence of police reports, witnesses, medical bills, and much more to make an argument convincing enough to receive the compensation that you need. It might seem impossible to deal with a trial when you are trying to keep your life together, but keep in mind that you are entitled to a 12% interest rate per year from the insurance companies, after the date of the accident, so that the insurance companies will not try to stall the trial.


With a Providence uninsured motorist claims attorney, you do have options to get the support you need.

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