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Unemployment Appeals Claim: How to Get the Support You Deserve

Finding yourself unemployed is exceptionally stressful when you have to consider your and your family’s future. If your unemployment claim is denied – these kinds of stresses intensify. Suddenly, you realize that you will need to fight for the livelihood of yourself and your loved ones.

There are many reasons why an unemployment claim can be denied in North Kingston including insufficient earnings, voluntarily separation, discharge for misconduct, and refusing suitable work. Sometimes employers will say that you quit voluntarily when you didn’t. In these cases, having an unemployment appeals claim attorney is exceedingly important.

First, you need to file an unemployment compensation appeal within fifteen days of the initial decision to the Department of Labor and Training either my mail, fax, or online. With this, you will then be able to schedule a hearing and have an ability to prove that you are entitled to those unemployment benefits.

One of the most crucial factors in getting unemployment compensation is to gather every possible piece of evidence that shows you meet the requirements to receive the benefits. The type of evidence will depend on the reason that you were denied initially. Some examples are e-mail correspondence, witnesses, documentation that shows you are looking for a job, and any other material that relates to the case. Not only do you want to indicate that you meet the requirements for unemployment compensation, but that you have been looking for a job since the day you became unemployed. What this does is prove to the court that you should receive compensation from the first day of unemployment, instead of only after the appeal hearing.

Also, remember that unemployment compensation appeal will be a “de novo” hearing. What this means is that the Referee will conduct the hearing without bias towards the initial decision. You start with a clean slate. But keep in mind that any evidence you submitted to initially receive compensation will need to be brought again to the hearing.

With a North Kingstown unemployment appeals claim attorney, you’ll have the ability to get the finances you need to support you and your family.

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