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Slip and Fall Accidents: What You Need to Know

Broken bones, concussions, thoracic sprains – the injuries that stem from slip and fall accidents can have a serious physical and financial impact. If you are partially or fully disabled from this type of accident, how will you take care of yourself and your family? Aside from seeking immediate medical treatment, you also need to use legal means to protect yourself financially. You need financial compensation.

In the midst of the accident, it is difficult to determine all the factors that could have led to the slip and fall. To receive compensation from a slip and fall accident, you and your attorney need to comb through the case files thoroughly and collect all the evidence you can. You will need to prove two things with the evidence that you provide to the court: negligence and the severity of physical harm. By providing pictures of the scene of the accident, the court will be able to compare the premises with maintenance protocols in order to determine if there was negligence.  Pictures of the injury itself can be used as additional evidence to highlight the severity of the physical harm caused by the accident. Additionally, the court will take into account how your lifestyle has been changed by the incident. With this in mind, providing as much financial and medical information you can, will put you in the best light to receive financial compensation.

One obstacle you may have, and it should be attended to before the trial, is the possibility of the defense being able to use “comparative negligence.” Comparative negligence is where the court determines how much negligence or carelessness occurred on your part that led to the accident. If the defense is able to prove even a small fraction of fault to be yours, that percentage will be deducted from possible compensation you may receive.

Although experiencing a slip and fall accident can be both painful and terrifying, you are not alone. Following these tips, along with a Providence attorney who specializes in slip and fall accidents, and you will have the help you need to get the most out of your slip and fall accident.

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