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Serious Injury Attorney: How to Get Compensation in Providence

It would seem that the more obvious the injury, the higher the chance of receiving compensation for it.  Lost wages from missed work, medical bills, pain and suffering are the obvious factors to consider when trying to receive compensation from an insurance company or the responsible party. Unfortunately, the courtroom can work more like a business than a room of justice – that’s why you need to be protected. Without the right support, your livelihood is at risk.

There are laws in Providence that allow the insurance companies a defense that consists of proving the negligence of another – referred to as comparative or “share” fault. What the defense will argue at trial is that you were negligent, even by a small percentage, before the accident occurred. Even if they can prove that you were even ten percent negligent, then you have already lost ten percent of the original compensation you would have received. For the seriously injured, ten percent can be the difference between comfortable living and barely getting by.

One thing can prevent the defense from successfully proving such accusations: evidence. Although it may seem obvious, the truth of the matter is that the more evidence you have, in comparison to opposing counsel, the more likely you will be able to get the compensation that your serious injury requires. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, it can mean having an expert look at the item that caused your injury.  Being able to provide documentary evidence would allow the court to see just how dangerous the environment was where the injury occurred. If the accident was sudden, even getting eye-witness testimony will assist the court in understanding the negligence of the defendant and the necessity for you to receive proper compensation.

As you go through your trial, remember that the court is, at the end of the day, a business. The Providence serious injury attorney will negotiate and persuade the court to produce results that best suit you.

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