Workers’ Compensation

Know your legal workers injury rights

Work Place InjuryThe legal staff at Calvino Law Associates can help you get through your legal problems. We have attorneys that are licensed to practice law in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Call for a free Workers’ Compensation consultation.

Our highly trained staff and attorneys can help you with Maritime Law including Boating accidents, Passenger Cruise injuries, and Longshoremen injuries.

Some basic rights & obligations under the RI Workers’ Compensation Act:

  • Notify your employer immediately after the accident. Seek necessary medical attention as soon as possible following your injury.
  •  You have the right to choose your own doctor.
  •  You should not allow your employer to choose a doctor for you.
  •  You are entitled to be represented by an attorney.
  •  Other than in a settlement in your case, legal fees are paid by your employer or insurer.
  •  You are entitled to receive weekly compensation equal to 75% of your average weekly spendable wages.
  •  You are entitled to payment of all reasonable and necessary medical services relating to your injury.
  •  You should send copies of all court notices, letters, medical bills and other documents to your attorney.
  •  Do not discuss your Workers’ Compensation case with any representative of your employer or their insurance company. Instruct them to contact your attorney at Calvino Law Associates.
  •  Your benefit checks should be sent weekly.
  •  Your employers insurance company has the right to have you examined by doctors of their choice.
  •  Before you return to work or sign any forms or documents, discuss the matter with your doctor and your attorney.
  •  You may be entitled to be reinstated to your old job.
  •  Never be afraid to ask Workers’ Compensation questions!