About Calvino Law Associates

A Law Firm with Dedication and Trust

Some 40 years ago, a young attorney named John “Jack” Calvino, using an old fashioned principal that his clients’ needs come first, began a storefront law practice in Providence’s West End. Through countless hours of hard work and dedication on behalf of a diverse clientele, John N. Calvino built a full service law office offering professional legal services in all phases of litigation with particular focus upon personal injury law.

From its modest beginnings, John N. Calvino Law Associates has grown and matured into a top law firm with statewide appeal. Calvino Law Associates litigation teams are committed to providing their clients with innovative legal services across multiple practice areas. All of their talented and knowledgeable attorneys, researchers, and support staff at Calvino Law Associates work together to provide clients with the best possible representation. The staff has extensive experience and expertise in many areas such as severe personal injuries and worker’s compensation. Their dedication and experience give their clients a competitive edge. The professional and hard working team of 8 lawyers comes from a variety of legal backgrounds with the knowledge and expertise to deliver results in a wide range of legal areas. They are continuously upgrading their skills and meet on a regular basis to discuss issues in their respective areas of practice and to ensure they keep abreast of developments in the law as they occur. The staff in the law office works as a fully integrated team, supported by a management structure that includes technological support and administrative services.

One area of law that Calvino Law Associates is proud to practice is Personal Injury Law. Each year, people that are injured in car accidents seek out the expertise and guidance of this law firm. It is a misconception that victims of automobile accidents do not need lawyers. Until the victim of an automobile accident retains an attorney, an insurance adjuster knows that the person they are dealing with is not currently prepared to file a lawsuit in order to take his or her case to court. The insurance company might, therefore, be unlikely to offer fair compensation. Calvino Law Associates attorneys represent a large number of automobile accident victims in Rhode Island and southern New England. These attorneys take pride in limiting their representation to plaintiffs and in representing no insurance companies involved in these claims. They are committed to treating each car accident case, large or small, with the seriousness it deserves in order to assure that each of their clients receives the compensation that he or she deserves. No matter whom you are up against, Calvino Law Associates will fight to protect you. They have earned their reputation by taking on and defeating large and powerful defendants. Their attorneys have the skill, resources and most importantly, the courage to protect their clients.

An accident in the work place, a trauma from a serious motor vehicle accident, an injury caused by a defective product, or complications from a medical procedure could have a devastating impact on a person’s life. However, you can take comfort in the fact that Calvino Law Associates will make the law work for anyone who needs legal representation. Through experience and education, the law firm is able to expertly evaluate medical injuries and pursue personal injury claims on behalf of the injured plaintiff.

Calvino Law Associates utilize state of the art technology in pursuing claims on behalf of their clients, including extensive computer databases and research capabilities of the Internet, medical and technical resources available through universities locally and nationwide, and contacts with physicians and other professionals throughout the Rhode Island area and Southern New England.

John N. Calvino has worked hard to make Calvino Law Associates a premier Personal Injury Law Firm that is highly regarded as one of the most respected top legal centers in New England. The legal team members guide personal injury clients through the legal, personal and financial challenges they encounter on their way to recovery from their accidents. Calvino Law Associates have represented thousands of personal injury clients and have recovered tens of millions of dollars for them. Hiring the best attorney to represent your case is crucial to getting the best compensation for your pain and suffering.