Auto Accidents

Specialized Legal help for Auto Accidents and Collisions

If you are involved in an Auto Accident:

  • Wait until the Police arrive. Try not to move your car until the police have arrived and instruct you what to do.
  • Write down as much information as you can obtain. Names, addresses, phone numbers and license plate numbers are all important to write down. This could be important information for your case.
  • Don’t forget the Other driver. Write the name, license number, car registration and insurance number. Remember, everyone in RI & Mass must have auto insurance.
  • Go To the Hospital. No matter how small your injury is, let the medical professionals decide your treatment.
  • Report your Accident. Your insurance company needs to know as soon as possible. Report your accident by filing an Operators Report at your local police station within 5 days.
  • Contact your lawyer! The entire staff at Calvino Law Associates are ready to help you with your case.
  • The legal staff at Calvino Law Associates can help you get through your legal problems. We have attorneys that are licensed to practice law in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.