Providence Slip and Fall Attorney

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By law, an owner is required to maintain their property in a reasonable standard of care. Failing to do so can lead to many different kinds of accidents with blame that can be placed squarely on the owner.

Known as premises liability accidents, or sometimes “slip and fall” accidents, laws covering these kinds of accidents include private property such as an apartment building or a single family residence. They also cover commercial properties, such as a mall, office building or any kind of place where the public gathers.

From our many years of working on cases to recover damages on behalf of our clients, we have seen dozens of different kinds of scenarios where a property owner may be held liable for substandard conditions. Some of these premises liability issues might include:

  • Poor lighting in common areas, leading to trip or fall injuries
  • Swimming pools without safety fences, resulting in drowning or near-drowning accidents
  • Appliances in rental units that are old or in disrepair that can lead to shock injuries or electrical fires
  • Wet, slippery or icy pavements or stairwells that create dangerous slip and fall conditions
  • Dogs or other animals that are not properly secured, leading to animal bites and other related injuries
  • Poor security measures that invite criminal activities that can result in assaults, property theft or in some cases, murder

The slip and fall attorneys at Calvino Law Associates are experienced in all types of slip and fall and premises liability issues. We know that our primary task is to prove negligence on the part of the property owner, or to at least show that there is a reasonable degree of certainty that they knew that the deficiency existed. In some instances, we may also work with our clients to prove that more than just the property owner was at fault. For example, in an elevator accident, we may be able to attach liability to the elevator manufacturer, thus increasing our chances for a higher settlement amount.

While there are many experienced premises liability lawyers in Rhode Island, choosing the right attorney to represent you is critical to the successful outcome of your case. We believe that once you do your own research, you’ll find few other firms that can match the experience, relevancy and success rate that Calvino Law Associates can offer you.

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