Claim Appeals

Let our experience work for you on insurance and unemployment appeal claims

People who work in the insurance, medical and unemployment fields deal with claimant appeals every single day. As gatekeepers, their jobs are to make sure that claims are legitimate, protecting their employers from fraud.

Unfortunately, unless you are well versed in the environment that these people work in every day, filing a claim can be an intimidating process, and the chance exists that you may not do everything you need to do for your claim will be approved. It’s a stark reality that people face every day.

Being turned down for benefits can add to an already difficult situation for many families, adding unneeded stress at a time when you can least afford it. However, the good news is that with all health insurance plans, being turned down is just considered a contract dispute and contract disputes can be challenged depending on the provisions of your plan and the exact reason for the denial. The same is true for unemployment benefits where you have been denied as well. Appeal processes can work in your favor if your reasons for filing a claim are legitimate.

With the help of experienced Rhode Island insurance appeals attorneys at Calvino Law Associates, you can get the help you need to win an appeals process, whether it's for an insurance claim, a catastrophic injury claim or an unemployment appeal claim.

Depending on your particular situation, there are formal processes in place that together we can follow, helping to put facts, figures and your particular story in the best possible light, giving you a fighting chance to earn the benefits that you may be entitled to.

Sometimes, pursuing an internal review is enough to overturn a decision in your favor. At other times, we may need to pursue arbitration as a means of gaining a decision in your favor. Arbitration usually consists of submitting your dispute to a neutral third party who considers both sides of an argument and then makes a ruling. Depending on your circumstances, arbitration may be binding, or it may be non-binding, meaning that we will not need to accept the arbitrator’s decision as final.

The key is to level the playing field and let our experience and expertise go to work for you when you need it the most.

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