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A steady and experienced hand with family law issues

Separation, divorce, child custody and alimony issues are difficult to deal with even under the best of circumstances. Two people who have fallen out of love can turn emotionally unstable, replacing rational thought with the need to be right. The result can be unreasonable demands, hurt feelings and a process that can drag out for much longer than it needs to.

That’s why, in situations such as these, it is vital to have a rational third party involved who can sort out the facts and help you make the best decisions possible.

For almost four decades, the family law attorneys at Calvino Law Associates have been that steadying influence, assisting men and women in reaching agreements with as little pain as possible, so that they can move on and begin their new lives. While the preference is to negotiate a split whenever possible, Mr. Calvino and his legal team are also ready to aggressively argue matters in front of a judge for the good of his clients when circumstances warrant.

Drawing on a wealth of considerable experience, Calvino Law Associates is well versed in Rhode Island’s family laws. This experience extends to case laws as well as considerable experience in dealing with the local court systems, making Mr. Calvino and his associates among the top divorce attorneys in Rhode Island.

Through years of hands-on handling of family law cases, that expertise extends to all parts of family law, including the particularly thorny issues involving children. In virtually all cases, courts are concerned about the best interests of a child in a divorce. Judges want to make sure that the health, education and emotional well-being of the children are put at the forefront of discussions, ensuring the least amount of disruption and emotional upheaval take place.

Calvino Law Associates helps to frame the story of a child’s relationship with their parents, working diligently to secure a parenting plan that is fair and favorable to all parties. Many times, an amicable situation can be worked out, even when extenuating circumstances such as health and medical concerns, or educational considerations and expenses are involved.

This steady and experienced approach is the best way for both parents and all children involved in a divorce to find common ground, making it easier to adjust to a new way of living.

Calvino Law Associates serves clients in Providence, North Kingstown and nearby Rhode Island communities.