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What You Need To Know About Slip and Fall Accidents in North Kingstown

One of the areas of the law that has received a lot of press lately is the slip and fall accidents in North Kingstown. These types of accident that involve slipping or tripping are an area liability of that can fall to the property owner and their insurance.

Why Are Slip and Fall Accidents the Owner’s Responsibility?
The owner has a duty to keep their property in a matter that is safe. If they have know about a condition that is unsafe or if they should have know about the condition then they can be found liable. An example would be a spill that causes a floor to become slippery that is not cleaned in a reasonable amount of time. It is important that you contact an attorney if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident in North Kingstown.

Are Only Spills Covered By This Liability?
Not at all, anything that causes you to slip or trip that should have been fixed or had a warning sign to indicating the danger. This can be a carpet that has come up and causes a tripping hazard or light that has not been replaced make a step difficult to see. The main determining factor is that the hazard should have been fixed or warned against.

Where Do Slip And Fall Accidents Happen?
They can happen anywhere are anytime but the most common places that are involved are business premises, companies and government offices. They can even happen on the sidewalk or in a car park. It is important that the property owner quickly takes action to protect people from the hazard and repairs or replaces the hazardous area as soon as practical.

Can I Be Excluded Because Of An Existing Condition?
The only lawful exclusion is for someone that is trespassing on the property. Elderly people that may be prone to tripping or people that have a mobility impairment that made then less able to recover from a slip are not excluded. If the property owner has been negligent then they will be held liable. It is important that you consult an attorney if you have had a slip and fall accident in North Kingstown.

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